Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Playtester's Impressions of Shiverwhen

One of the six players who sat down to participate in my NTRPGCon session of Shiverwhen has posted his impressions and evaluations of the scenario and rules over on the blog, Save vs. Dragon. I'm extremely pleased that his response was so positive and that the game and setting seems to be doing what is intended. It makes me believe I'm definitely on the right track and that there is an audience for the somewhat jumbled and esoteric place that is Shiverwhen. You can read that post here.

My favorite quote from the post has to be:
That's our fault, not Michael's (who is a really great GM, BTW). Ironically, our bass ackward investigation style seemed to allow us to try out some of the games talents and skills that are meant to be used outside of combat... and it's the character types, their talents and skills, and how they require the player to get involved, which really breed the game's flavor.
Not only does it give me props as a game-master (or to use the game's lingo, Tender), but hints at the fact that Shiverwhen is more than just murder-hobos amok and it's designed to draw the player into the setting. In Shiverwhen, there's a specific mechanic that (hopefully) keeps the skill-based challenge resolution aspect of the game from being simply "I use my XX skill. I succeed. What happens?" I'll have more on that in the weeks ahead, but in the meanwhile, please enjoy a first-hand look at Shiverwhen not penned by myself.

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