Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gallery of Fading Dreams

I have very specific ideas of what Shiverwhen looks like. The landscape, people, tools, and other particulars run through my head and there exists certain parameters to help guide my decisions whether or not an idea or image is Shiverwhen material. Unfortunately, although I possess a modicum of ability to describe such imagery with the written word, I lack the talent to depict what parades through my brain in other mediums.

In order to combat this handicap, I keep a folder full of photographs, illustrations, and other depictions that I encounter online which best summarize my Shiverwhen ideals. The lion's share of the files in that folder come from The Retronaut, a wonderful storehouse of obscure images from the past. Other pictures have been culled from a variety of online sources, including Facebook groups dedicated to images from abandoned asylums, crumbling buildings, Gothic art, and similar, less mainstream topics.

To better express my design goals when crafting the Shiverwhen world, I'll post some images from that file here from time to time as part of the "Gallery of Fading Dreams." Some will be horrific, others beautiful  but each likely bears a hint of odd incongruity, for that is the trait that best defines Shiverwhen.

The following are a small sample of Shiverwhen's population, the people you might meet as you explore that autumnal world.

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